Americans For Cannabis

Starting the Cannabis Conversation Where It Starts!

Americans For Cannabis™ is a homegrown grassroots movement dedicated to promoting honest education about cannabis (hemp, marijuana) and the full repeal of cannabis prohibition. Our main goal is to provide evidence based information to the American people about the benefits of this untapped, renewable, sustainable and once vital natural resource so they can make informed decisions on this complex issue.

We the people demand that cannabis, hemp, marijuana as well as THC and CBD extracts and oils be exempted from the DEA's Controlled Substances Act and ALL local, state and federal criminal and non-criminal penalties for the growing, gardening, cultivation, processing, transportation, distribution, sales, trade, sharing, possession, consumption, and manufacturing be repealed, nullified and otherwise abrogated.

We further demand that all non-commercial and commercial use of cannabis for industrial, medicinal, nutritional, spiritual, recreational, and all other purposes be officially recognized as an absolute, natural and lawful right of the people. That all prior convictions be overturned and the immediate release of all prior non-violent offenders be retroactive.

We believe and hereby proclaim all people be free to peacefully, responsibly and lawfully (not legally) grow, garden, cultivate, process, possess, distribute, trade, gift, share, or otherwise use and consume cannabis (hemp/marijuana) for industrial, medicinal, nutritional, spiritual, recreational, or for any other purpose without unwarranted interference from you, other people, group(s) of people, government(s), entity(s) and/ or their agencies.

Our Motto:
Let us not be the wedge that divides but rather the glue that binds!


*To educate our community on the true history and facts about cannabis, hemp, and marijuana.

*To promote the lawful use of cannabis and a complete repeal of cannabis prohibition, based on the concepts of Freedom, Liberty, and Personal Responsibility.

*To promote, support and implement the Cannabis Claim of Rights Act

*To promote and support the De-scheduling and exemption of cannabis from the DEA’s Controlled Substances Act

*To promote and support state and federal nullification

*To promote and support jury nullification

*To promote and support hemp farming and technologies.

*To otherwise end all cannabis arrest for the use, consumption and possession by responsible people.

*To prevent any new taxes for cannabis, or cannabis specific taxes

*To expose the corruption in law enforcement and the building of a police state made possible through prohibition.

*To expose the lies and misconception of the legalization movement (No More LegalLIES)

*To promote and support better, stronger and healthier communities.

*To promote and support freedom, liberty and personal responsibility in general.

Our Mission IS NOT:

To promote the legalization (over-taxation, over-regulation) of cannabis in any form

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