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Repeal and Nullify Cannabis Prohibition Now

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End Cannabis Prohibition ONCE and FOR ALL!

Repeal & Nullify Petition


We the people demand that cannabis (hemp, marijuana, THC and other cannabis extracts) be exempted from the DEA’s Controlled Substances Act (like alcohol, nicotine, caffeine and other “drugs”) and ALL local, state and federal criminal penalties for the cultivation, processing, transportation, distribution, sales, trade, sharing, possession, consumption and use of cannabis for industrial, medicinal, nutritional, spiritual and recreational purposes be repealed and nullified.

We further demand the release of all non-violent captive prisoners arrested for cannabis,hemp, marijuana related charges and all court records are to be permanently removed and destroyed.

We hereby reclaim and demand our natural,lawful, and unalienable rights to cannabis, hemp and marijuana, and further reclaim and demand our natural,lawful and unalienable right of self ownership of our mind, body, soul and property.

Repeal and Nullify Now!

Latest Signatures
120Matthew CamarilloNCUnited StatesAmerican for lawful marijuana, end prohibition!Apr 05, 2015
119André ThomNorth DakotaUnited StatesMar 04, 2015
118Amy KingTexasUnited StatesFeb 28, 2015
117Tracy GArciaWisconsinUnited StatesLet freedom reignFeb 22, 2015
116Joron WilliamsTNUnited StatesFeb 06, 2015
115Clara SilvaJan 26, 2015
114sheila chambersOregonUSARemove cannabis from the dea's drug scedule now!Nov 27, 2014
113Arthur DixonVaUSA Nov 05, 2014
112Cindi ChappeeTX-TexasUnited StatesOct 29, 2014
111Sheree KriderKentuckyUSAThe USMjParty is a "REPEAL PROHIBITION" organization!Sep 16, 2014
110Michele StricklandIlUSASep 14, 2014
109tyler tippenMissouriUnited StatesAug 03, 2014
108Coleman GoffJul 16, 2014
107mary bonifield-carrillocausaJul 13, 2014
106Cynthia AckermannCAUnited StatesJun 25, 2014
105Julie HillUnited KingdomJun 23, 2014
104Chad HollingheadOklahomaUnited StatesJun 13, 2014
103Doug DoughertySDUSJun 08, 2014
102sherry sidesOklahomaUnited Statesthis would get us out of debt.Jun 08, 2014
101Ryan CekOhioUnited states of americaJun 03, 2014
100callie kerrOklahomaUnited StatesI WANTMay 27, 2014
99Jeremiah VacaMay 24, 2014
98Kassi AndersonMissouriUSAI support the Repeal and Nullify Cannabis ProhibitionApr 30, 2014
97Brendan AndersonCaliforniaUnited StatesThe Book Of Brendan Book Of Life, Religious SacramentApr 25, 2014
96Dennis KretschmanFloridaUnited StatesWe are not going to take it anymore.. Legalize itApr 25, 2014
95Jennifer SchieweflUSApr 15, 2014
94Louis KennedyFloridaUnited StatesWE THE PEOPLE DEMAND IT!!!Apr 15, 2014
93Barry Hackett Jr.VirginiaUnited StatesIt has helped me with Bi polar disorder since i can remember!Apr 14, 2014
92KW VestVirginiaUnited StatesApr 14, 2014
91Arna LarsenColoradoUSAApr 14, 2014
90Jackie NewberryApr 14, 2014
89Carolyn KarpelFloridRepeal and Nullify Cannabis Prohibition NowApr 14, 2014
88GENE MONTESFLUnited StatesApr 14, 2014
87Jeff DavisMnUSA Apr 07, 2014
86Henry CorpApr 07, 2014
85Gregory VelasquezMar 31, 2014
84Noell SedonaMar 25, 2014
83Bernard LucasMichiganMake Cannabis Lawful for all AmericansMar 25, 2014
82Cliff WilkinsonMar 24, 2014
81Pamela SebrenMississippiUSAMar 23, 2014
80Robert pylesMar 22, 2014
79Philip LacosteCaliforniaUnited StatesMar 18, 2014
78Jack HaysIllinoisVote these republicans out that stand with big pharma!!!Mar 16, 2014
77Hugh YonnFloridaUnited StatesMy name is Hugh Yonn and I endorse this petition.Mar 15, 2014
76Beth DurhamDEU.S.A>Mar 15, 2014
75Linda YelvingtonMOCompassion for we chronically and terminally ill patients that need this is mandatory. This plant should never have been vilified.Mar 14, 2014
74rex davisMichiganUnited Statesagree 100%Mar 13, 2014
73Steve CooperTennesseeUSAMar 13, 2014
72Dave CowlesSouth CarolinaUnited States 13, 2014
71Alaina DavisOklahomaUSAmedicine for my Fibro, Lupus and Diabetic Neuropathy if you had chronic pain you would sign this petition Mar 12, 2014
70Hettie BennettOklahomaUnited StatesDe Schedule,Repeal&Nullify Cannabis ProhibitionMar 06, 2014
69reyna barnettnvusathis is confusing! repel cannabis prohibition. we all want to end this rediculos charges for marijuana! stop making citizens criminals for marijuana possesion ! go after criminals that harm people. Mar 03, 2014
68Marvin Cecil JrOhioUnited StatesStop lying to the people of the US. REPEAL CANNABIS PROHIBITIONFeb 28, 2014
67Chad VarnellOKUSAFeb 27, 2014
66Kerrie DallaCostaIdahoUnited StatesFeb 27, 2014
65Jennifer J SneadFeb 27, 2014
64Loren CoffeyoklahomaFeb 26, 2014
63Marshall WeltmanCoUSA LegalizeFeb 24, 2014
62Chad MooreTNUnited StatesFeb 19, 2014
61Andrea LaurinMichiganUnited StatesLET'S DO THIS!Feb 18, 2014
60Rodney WagnerOklahomaUSAFeb 14, 2014
59Amy Wilder OsonduMasUnited SFeb 11, 2014
58Kristin BudlongMAUSAFeb 11, 2014
57Lorren WhiteOklahomaUnited StatesIt is universal meaning it could be used for many things and it helps with a lot of things that its not meant for just one cause but for many!! I have big hopes and dreams about this happening and now that it is its motivated me to stop drinking and smoking black and milds which is healthier for me in the long run.Feb 09, 2014
56Mandy BowerMNUSALets go guysJan 31, 2014
55Eric Lee NilsonIllinoisUnited StatesMake it LEGAL!!!!Jan 30, 2014
54shawn whiteFloridapolkmy medicine Jan 28, 2014
53Dakotah KellyNorth CarolinaUnited StatesJan 17, 2014
52William PayneNCUSAA little human decency for those of us that have chronic pain - and some of us have pain 24/7 . If you ever have Neuropathy you will advocate the legalization yourself . Jan 02, 2014
51James FanzoneCAusalegalize it!Jan 01, 2014
50Mukit AriZurichSwitzerlandDec 30, 2013
49John MoffettCAUSADec 25, 2013
48Skip BudmanDec 11, 2013
47Jami LarsonCOThe day has come to stop making criminals out of those who do nothing else than to choose a safer recreational alternative as well as a safer medication. There should be NO regulation to the private individual!Dec 08, 2013
46Rebecca CollinsGADec 06, 2013
45Timothy TiptonColoradoUSADec 06, 2013
44angela gillplease legalize this medicine!!!! Dec 04, 2013
43Josh Hermantni have bi polar dissorder as well as documented back problems and refuse to take pills due to they can cause more harm than good I prefer something naturalDec 04, 2013
42William PalmerFloridaUnited StatesPlease repeal this law.Dec 04, 2013
41Stacey FieldsDec 04, 2013
40David NestlerPa.USAThe time is now.Dec 04, 2013
39Jourdan MyersDec 04, 2013
38Rana SchindlerCaliforniaUSADec 04, 2013
37gus carlssonNov 30, 2013
36Tammy KraussTexasUSANov 19, 2013
35Toni MillsTXUnited StatesCannabis is a plant that heels and does not KILL ANYONENov 18, 2013
34Leanne BarbeeOhioUnited StatesNov 17, 2013
33Sascha HarperZuid-HollandNetherlandsNot an American citizen but a very warm sympathizerNov 17, 2013
32Rick CrawfordOhioUnited StatesNov 17, 2013
31Amanda KustNov 16, 2013
30Cindy LamprechtNorth CarolinaUnited Statesas a cancer fighter, these laws need changed, now. Repeal this insane law, have the DEA focus on real criminals..quit filling up the prisons with those who's only "crime" is non-violent cannabis access. Too many of us cancer patients have suffered due to this insanity. Cancer is now affecting almost every household in some way. Nullify this strongarm insanity and remove ALL penalties, now!!Nov 16, 2013
29Tony SeagleNov 16, 2013
28Dean SinesGAUnited StatesNov 15, 2013
27Vic LunsfordKentuckyUnited StatesNov 11, 2013
26Brian McBrideNov 05, 2013
25Irene HuskissonARUnited StatesDo the right thing.Oct 26, 2013
24herminia weilcaUnited StatesI beat cancer with cannabis oil. I have to stay on the maintenance. I know many that are sick and need the true cure.Oct 25, 2013
23Sharon SolesbeeNCUnited StatesFor humanity sake, marijuana users demand de-schedule, repeal, and nullify cannabis prohibition - nonusers deserve freedom too. Oct 25, 2013
22Marla GilbertsOKUSAOct 24, 2013
21vicki martinpaUSAmake it legal already !!! i have chronic pain and the mmj helps naturally !!!Oct 24, 2013
20Daniel ThayerNMUSAOct 24, 2013
19Cecile BercierMtUSAOct 24, 2013
18Nancy DeRosaNHusaOct 24, 2013
17John CrockerOct 24, 2013
16Karl WestfallOhioUnited StatesIt's always amazed me that alcohol was legal after all the chaos it's caused in peoples lives."And weed isn't legal" Damn ShameOct 24, 2013
15Diana WinerOct 24, 2013
14Duane GrindstaffWAUnited StatesOct 24, 2013
13Robert CalkinCAUnited StatesDE-SCHEDULE NOW PLEASE!Oct 24, 2013
12Matthijs PontierOct 24, 2013
11Mickey DeveyWaUSA De-schedule NOWOct 24, 2013
10Alicia CaraballoOct 24, 2013
9Robert McClintock Sr.VirginiausaOct 24, 2013
8Janis BarnesTNUnited StatesLegalize cannibis!Oct 24, 2013
7carol crippsKentuckyamerica Pleasemake it legal,,,This is not a drug!!Oct 24, 2013
6BOGDAN BILYKIowaU.S.A.Cannabis heals diseases, including cancer.Oct 24, 2013
5Stephen McDonaldOregonUSAOct 24, 2013
4kimberleigh kreppnyusaOct 24, 2013
3True Hemp Clothing International FloridaUnited StatesInvest in Hemp, Enrich the Earth Oct 24, 2013
2Vicki GaylorOKUnited StatesOct 24, 2013
1Keary ProphetOklahomaUnited StatesIt's time for repeal!Oct 23, 2013


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